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Relax Your Feet With A Foot Sauna from Relax Saunas

Imagine having your own foot sauna that you can take anywhere: a quality sauna that can be moved around and used wherever you like. You could take it to work with you, use it at home, or take it with you when you go away somewhere. With quality saunas UK you would be able to enjoy that nice, relaxing feeling wherever and whenever you want.

Just imagine that you have reached the end of a long, stressful day at work, 5.00pm has arrived and all you want to do is relax. You would love to chill out in a nice hot bath or relax your feet in a lovely foot sauna  but by 6.30pm you need to be on a flight.  You have to go away on business for a few days so there’s no time to relax, it’s straight to the airport for you.  As you board your flight you begin to feel very tired and a lot more stressed, you start to think about the fact that you are feeling overworked and underpaid and you are missing your family back home.  All you want to do is switch off, so you try having a drink or two on the plane to relax, but this doesn’t work and you find that there is too much to think about. it could be that you have a presentation to prepare so you try to work on the plane, but you are so tired that you can’t concentrate. You decide that if you can get some sleep this might help.  So you try to get some sleep during the flight, but you can’t, there is too much noise.  The flight attendant is forever making announcements, trolleys are going past constantly with more drinks and snacks being offered, excitable holiday makers are singing and shouting and there are children screaming and crying because they are scared. There is no chance of sleeping on this plane any time soon, in fact you will be lucky to get any sleep when you reach your destination as you are beginning to worry about tomorrow’s presentation.  Luckily it is only a short flight and you have already prepared your presentation for the morning, plus all the other work that you needed to get done. You took your portable foot sauna to work with you today and because you used it at lunchtime you felt relaxed and refreshed during the afternoon, which enabled you to be more productive.

How Can A Foot Sauna Help with Aches & Pains?

With all the stress that is building up within your job is it any wonder that your health is neglected through such a busy and hectic lifestyle? And when you are on the go, your feet are the first place to feel the tension and stress at the end of a long day.  Such as the information that can be derived from acupressure, alot of benefit can be gained by using a foot sauna, as it relaxes not only the feet but other parts of the body; your whole nervous system will feel relaxed and therefore you will feel ready for a good night’s sleep – and may even think twice about wearing ‘those’ shoes again.

Foot Saunas Increase Metabolic Rate

If you are looking to add that extra bonus to your exercise regimen, then believe it or not, a quality infrared foot sauna will help increase your metabolic rate.  So you could use it after exercise to not only relax you but to keep ‘burning’.  Or, for example if you are travelling and want to feel rejuvenated from your long trip, when you arrive at your hotel you can set it up and enjoy a nice relaxing foot sauna before you go to bed.  Or perhaps wait until tomorrow morning and enjoy before heading to the local attractions.

More Ways To Relax With A Home Spa Saunas

Either way,  by having your own infrared foot sauna to hand you are able to relax before or after your flight and wind down for the evening when you get back from your trip.  If you’re looking for more ways to relax with your own home spa and sauna why not try a combined sauna and steam room, all from we won’t be beaten on price – and will price match any sauna that you have been offered! So get in touch with us now to find out more.

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